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Motor Vehicle Insurance Claim - 2011


Junior lawyers often get the matters that expose them to new skills and information for the benefit of clients and firm alike.  A surprise connection in 2018 shows just how important those matters can be for the client well into their future. Read more ...

Family Law Property & Children Resolution - 2012


A lawyer has many duties.  Principally those duties are to the Court and to clients (yes, in that order).  So when asked to notify a client's creditors about the settlement amount they would receive after Consent Orders were signed, our Principal certainly felt conflicted.  Read more ...

Family Provision Claim by Domestic Partner of 43 years left out of Will - 2012


If you've been a partner to your loved one for 43 years, it's proper to expect they would not forget you in your Will.  The pain of losing your partner is substantially magnified for everyone involved in such cases.  I was delighted to help ensure my client received the future protection needed from the partner's estate.  Read more ...

Investigating Vehicle Values - 2017


Understanding a civil claim from root to leaf is the path to success, even if that means the case is settled for an amount not reflecting initial advice or expectations.  Read more ...  

Employee Claim for Wage Non-Payment - 2018


A young international student claiming non-payment of wages by their employer is regrettably not unusual.  The degree of harm caused in this situation however is only matched by the employee's gratitude and resilience.  Read more ...

Divorce at Last - 2018


The process for divorce is relatively simple.  There's just a few questions that need answering before an application for divorce can be filed.  So when a simple family law matter came across our desk that had not investigated divorce, it was time to get the ball rolling.  Read more ...


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